Cynthia Stuart

It’s a Rat’s World, 2018


Cynthia Stuart, PhD is a retired professor of psychology and medical law and ethics. She is a founding member of the Book Bogglers collective, and as a rat-centric writer, Cynthia is a regular contributor to It’s a Rat’s World magazine and has also written rat related articles for the American Psychological Association’s Human-Animal Interaction Newsletter. Cynthia is the proprietor of “Year of the Rat” English, independently contracting English instruction to online language schools in China and Latin America. She is often assisted in this endeavor by her rats Simon and Niblet, as well as guinea pig Blueberry, who make on cameo appearances during


E. Merwin

Book Bogglers co-founder and award winning author, Eileen Merwin, is awaiting publication of her 20th children’s book, Nightmarish New York. Ironically, having researched and written nine spooky titles for Bearport Publishers Inc., she is also an accomplished ghost writer, having composed bios, grants and press releases. Eileen earned her MFA in writing from Brooklyn College, and most recently won a Writer’s Digest prize for published article in 2016; first prize for regional fiction in Indie Book Award 2017 competition. This year she has been placed on the Children’s Book Council List of authors whose titles were shared with 35,000 kids nationally and selected as their favorites. Among her proudest publications have been stories and poems for her own favorite kids’ magazines Cricket and Spider.



Glenn Cox

She is also proud of having collaborated on a drama, Donovan’s Charge  with    consummate storyteller, Glenn Cox  This drama tells the tale of Glenn Cox and his 17-year odyssey up north–and the preservation of his spirit until his release. Today a subway singer Glenn’s drama has been admired by writing students at ASA College as they read scenes from the play and discuss his experiences and triumph.


While the range of E Merwin’s writing spans novels, drama and children’s’ books– all celebrate innocence, compassion and finding our way to a richer life through community and kindness. Currently, she is writing her 16th children’s title for Bearport Publishers here in New York City. My Indy and Noah and Link are 2 titles in Hound Town series. (Keep watching for the publication of my upcoming spooky books.) “Writing has certainly been a great adventure, and I am thankful for all the students, writers, readers and creative artists I have met along the way.”

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Ben Ressler

Dr. Cynthia Stuart, co-author Mor & Elias T. Ressler