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The Northman’s Daughter by E. Merwin, based on a tale by Ben Ressler                    2017 1st Place Winner  in the Next Generation New Indie Award for Regional Fiction

On the west coast of Ireland 995 AD it is the eve of Samhain, the night that is “the wedge between two worlds, prying open the mouth of the hollow hills when the spirits from the Other Sidecoming spilling out all over Ireland.” But why should Svana fear the spirits when her own ancestors walk among them?
“There are those who walk abroad on Samhain whose souls you’d not want for traveling companions.” By the fire of the hermit’s hut the beginning of the Northman’s tale will soon become her own, forcing Svana far beyond her home on the strand and deep into the mythical past.

ISBN-13: 978-0692528525

Piccolo: an Artist’s Tale by Piccolo Fortunato                                                            2016 Runner-up in the New York Book Festival

When an Italian greyhound sculptor comes to NYC in search of his father, he must overcome the deceits and under-handed dealings of the Chelsea art world before he can launch his career in the City of York they call New!

ISBN-13: 978-0692742365
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