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Haunted…for Real?

Thanks to all of you who attended our Book Bogglers Halloween presentation, Haunted for Real, In Search of the Verifiable Ghost Story.  It was a pleasure to share my dilemma as a writer to create narrative nonfiction(!) spooky books for my publisher Bearport’s Tip Toe to Scary Places series for middle readers. Faced with the question of how to verify a ghost story, I soon figured out that the emphasis was not on ghost in ghost story, but on story–and that the great fun in writing Dark Underground Deserted Cities was discovering the history– so often weirder and more oddly coincidental than the sightings of spirits, attached to these events.

Special thanks to Prof. Brooke Stowe, Library Director at ASA College, for sharing his expertise not only in research, but also on Fala, the phantom dog said to haunt the long abandoned station below Grand Central Station, Track 61. (Google it!)

Having presented Haunted for Real five times in honor of the big night (10/31), I was delighted by the response of our 100+ participants and the many stranger than life stories many of you shared afterward.

So delighted, that I am pondering a Paranormal Soup for the Soul series, documenting and researching our own unexplainable events. If you’ve witnessed, survived or been told by a reliable source of a paranormal event, please click comment and tell your story! (Note for my Comp 1 students: this counts as a Bring Literature to Life points, or in this case, bring it back from the dead!)