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The Northman’s Daughter by E. Merwin, based on a tale by Ben Ressler                    Winner of 1st Prize in the Next Generation New Indie Award for Regional Fiction 2017

ISBN-13: 978-0692528525

West Coast of Ireland 995 AD

“Often on her nightly walks by the sea, Svana imagines the horses of her ancestors charging toward shore on the crests of the waves.”

It is the eve of Samhain, a mystical time when two worlds collide and any mortal foolish enough to venture out might be swept away into that phantom world forever.

Though forbidden to travel on this night, Svana makes her way to the hermit’s hut. There by his fire the Northman’s tale will become her own, forcing her far beyond her home on the Irish coast and deep into its mythical past.

“The travels in time were very creatively maneuvered, and the characters sparkle with passion, pathos, wit, and humor.”                                  Judge’s commentary Writer’s Digest 2016 

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Piccolo: an Artist’s Tale by Piccolo Fortunato                      2016 New York Book Festival

ISBN-13: 978-0692742365

Piccolo Fortunato, a young artist who happens to be a proud Italian greyhound, slaves away for no fame or fortune in the Brooklyn studio of an acclaimed sculptor. Not until his baptism by the fire of a hot chili pepper will his own career be ignited in the City of York they call New.

From intern to artist, can this young pup make his mark on the Chelsea art scene?

“The writing is smart, sly, and very effective, and I found myself often laughing out loud at the sheer verve and nerve of the narrative and the voice. In a sea of standards mysteries and genre books, this one clearly stands out.” Judge’s commentary Writer’s Digest 2016

Available on Amazon list price $9.00 or Buy Now for $6.00 + shipping/handling/tax.


Donovan’s Charge by Glenn Cox & E. Merwin                   2017 New York Book Festival  ISBN: 0692543139

If you were cornered in your room, attacked with two weapons–would you fight for your life?

DONOVAN’S CHARGE recounts the drama of how one New Yorker—city worker, life guard, counselor—fights off an attacker and administers CPR until the arrival of the police—only to find himself on Rikers Island, facing a murder charge.

When his attacker dies, Cox is found guilty of murder and receives a life sentence. After two years in a law library, Cox wins his appeal and the conviction is overturned unanimously by five Appellate Judges. On hearing the good news that the charge has been reduced—family, friends, officers and inmates anticipate Cox’s release. However, he is again hit with the max—a sentence of which he will serve 17 years.

Based on trial transcripts and witness accounts, the drama recreates the attack, the trial and Cox’s life in this 3 ring circus. Its main theme is innocence, both in court and in spirit. And how one man preserves his—with the help of the spirit of the boy who, with his toy soldiers and trusty steed Donovan, stays by his side until the day they are released.

Today a NYC subway singer—Glenn continues to rely on the spirit of the boy within for creative strength.

Available on Amazon list price $12.00 or Buy Now for $8.00 + shipping/handling/tax.



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