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Congrats Book Bogglers!

Love & Other Strangers at ASA College


Samboudiang Faye of Senegal

Much thanks to all the readers, writers and listeners who gathered to share an evening of poetry in NYC at Herald Square, I SPEAK MY TRUTH. The evening included Poet of My People, poems read by students in their own mother tongue, as well as original poetic monologues by English Comp students at ASA College.

On Thursday 9/8 from 3 to 5, we will again come together to read both poems and poetic passages based on the theme Love and Other Strangers. (Feel free to stop in just to read as many of you are between classes.)

If you’d like to join us, please be sure to reserve your place by commenting below. Let us know if you will be stopping by to listen or read.  See you there!



I Speak My Truth

La_Hire_-_Art_Collection_of_Prince_Władysław_Vasa_-_Detail_-_Sketchbook_of_Hans_von_AachenJoin us again for Poets’ Night Out 3!

Well, evening out– 4 to 6 pm Thursday May 19 at ASA College in Herald Square.

International students will be presenting Poet of My People, reading the work of a poet in their own language; ASA students will be reading original works–poetic monologues on the theme: I Speak My Truth.

If you’d like to read a poem or poetic passage on the theme, please RSVP below and let us know the title of the work–oh, and your full name to add to the program.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

ASA College 105 33rd St Herald Square/ 2nd fl mezzanine

Welcome ASA College Writers!

Glenn Cox, co-author of Donovan's Charge

Welcome, college writers! This is your opportunity to share your literary analysis of Donovan’s Charge or pose questions for author, Glenn Cox, by commenting below or contacting Your ongoing enthusiasm and insights into the drama have made for an exciting semester–thanks for sharing your work so future students can benefit from your creative analysis of the play.


Poets’ Night Out 2

PNO 2 imageJoin us again at Symposia Community Book Shop on Sunday April 3 from 6-8 pm for Poets’ Night Out 2. Share a poem or poetic passage from your prose–or the work of an admired writer on the theme of Love & Other Strangers. Hosted by Louis Augustine Herrera, the event welcomes back writers of the MFA program at the New School along with other friends of Book Bogglers for an evening to celebrate literature, life and community beyond the 2-D confines of the screen…

Please RSVP via–and let us know if you’d like to read or sit back and enjoy this literary event.

For info contact Carmen Rusu, Director Symposia Community Bookshop 201-805-1739 510 Washington Street/ Hoboken NJ–a poetic little city only one stop from Manhattan via Path.



Poets’ Night Out!

Be sure to join us at Symposia Community Bookshop* on Sunday 12/13 from 6-8 Poets’ Night Out for an evening of literary readings.

headstLouis Augustine Herrera, our Book Bogglers Host has invited fellow writers from the MFA program at the New School to read from their recent works. There are still 2 slots open, so if you’d like to share a poem, a poetic passage from you prose or the work of an admired writer, contact us to reserve your place.

*SYMPOSIA COMMUNITY BOOKSHOP: a goodnatured non-profit bookstore offering a vast selection of experienced books that need a new shelf to call home and community-minded workshops and events!
Address: 510 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
As always donations welcome!

Upcoming Book Bogglers Writing Workshop

Marv 8In your life you have seen unforgettable beauty, witnessed historic changes and experienced events this generation can only Google. Isn’t it time to get it down on paper?

Living in an age that worships the celebrity– we defer to the stars: singers, artists, writers are those that gain the most media attention. When in fact all the arts are our birthright.

We can and must  write to be healthy and whole.

Join me at Symposia Book Shop beginning on Monday November 1st from 2-3pm to recall and record on paper the stories of your life. We will write, share, critique, revise and over time develop your memoir into a document to share with family, friends and our literary community at Symposia Bookshop: 510 Washington Street/Hoboken NJ  201-963-0909

Contact E. Merwin at for more information.

$8.00 donation per session


Join us in November for Donovan’s Charge!

Glenn Cox, author of Donovan's Charge

Glenn Cox, author of Donovan’s Charge

Book Bogglers will be hosting its second reading– for all those out there like us who crave real time with real people gathering to celebrate real books– at Symposia Community Bookshop in Hoboken New Jersey. If you haven’t been to Hoboken, it’s two stops from Manhattan on the Path Train–a poetic little city with a mind of its own–much like Symposia, a bookstore that hasn’t bent its idealism in these times of high rents and high pressure from the mega-book sellers on-line and off.

Join us for a Read-Along and a glass of wine–and the camaraderie of other friends of the book!

Donovan’s Charge, a Drama in 3 Rings by Glenn Cox & E. Merwin to be released in print and e-book in October 2015 on-line and at a community-minded bookshop near you.

If you were cornered in your room, attacked with two weapons–would you fight for your life? What if walking out of that room alive would cost you 17 years of your life?

DONOVAN’S CHARGE recounts the drama of how one New Yorker—city worker, life guard, counselor—fights off an attacker and administers CPR until the arrival of the police—only to find himself on Riker’s Island, facing a  murder charge.Donovans_Charge_Cover_for_Kindle

When his attacker dies, Cox is found guilty of murder and receives a life sentence. After two years in a law library, he wins his appeal and the conviction is unanimously overturned by a panel of five Appellate Judges. On hearing the good news that the charge has been reduced—family, friends, officers and inmates anticipate Cox’s release. However, he is hit again with the max—a sentence of which he will serve 17 years.

Based on trial transcripts and witness accounts, the drama recreates the attack, the trial and Cox’s life in this 3 ring circus. Its main theme is innocence, both in court and spirit. And how one man preserves his—with the help of the spirit of the boy who, with his toy soldiers and trusty steed Donovan, stays by his side until the day they are released.

Today a NYC subway singer—Glenn continues to rely on the spirit of the boy within for creative strength.





My Mischief_Press Release

You’re invited! Join us at Symposia Community Bookshop in Hoboken NJ to celebrate the Launch of The Improbable Adventures of My Mischief on Saturday 9/26 from 6-8 p.m.

symposia bookstore

When a rat-mom is rescued from the tank of a royal python in a NYC pet shop, the improbable adventures of Archer & Fletch have only just begun. With humor and a sharp eye for rat behavior (both domestic and wild!) the authors create a world that is equal parts fun-fantasy and rat-reality.

Join the authors Cynthia Stuart and E. Merwin as they kick off Book 1 of this rollicking series sure to delight rat fanciers and anyone who loves a New York style adventure with a few laughs along the way!

(And who is the mysterious emcee whose name the crowd chants and “whose diminutive appearance, cropped hair and bright eyes give her an undeniably appealing look of a happy rat”?)

Symposia Bookshop 510 Washington Street/ Hoboken, NJ (201)963-0909


Book Bogglers at RAT FEST 2015!

Reading It’s a Rat’s World!

The Book Bogglers’ mischief hit the road on June 27, 2015 to Hampton, NJ for fun, games, learning and sharing our upcoming release, The Improbable Adventures of My Mischief:  Archer and Fletch, Book 1 at the 2015 Ratfest New Jersey.  For the uninitiated, Ratfests are 1-2 day events that combine the elements of a party, seminar, and family reunion amongst rat fanciers who, because we tend to live at great distances from each other, rarely have the pleasure of meeting.  This year Ratfest was hosted by Branwen and Mike Resop, who opened their beautiful home located in a scenic wooded area to visitors from several states.

In between eating at a gargantuan buffet spread, a spirited and hilarious game of Rationary (based on the old standard “Pictionary), ensued in which teams took turns drawing rat-related pictures on a whiteboard for their team members to guess what they represented.  Book Bogglers is proud to report we were on the winning side!  Both winning and losing teams really won, however, as each player received huge gift bags containing a variety of fun rat themed items.

After exhausting ourselves with Rationary, we settled down for a seminar delivered by veterinarian Dr. Kim Somjen of Belle Mead Animal Hospital.   Before earning her vet’s degree, Dr. Kim was a renowned rescuer and operated Kim’s Ark, an organization assisting homeless rats needing forever homes.  Her topic was obese rats.  As we rat parents can often go heavy on the treats, her presentation was a wake up call as to the problems obesity can cause in our ratties – particularly the males.  The real life Archer is as tubby as he is represented in our book, so this Book Bogglers mischief member was rather sheepishly taking in all this information.  Dr. Kim did admit that even though she knows the disadvantages, she herself is sometimes rather doting with the food and has her own pet obesity issues with which to deal.

After the health seminar, Ratfest’s Yankee Trader gift swap took place.  Those who wanted to participate brought along a wrapped gift and placed it in a central area.  Via a lottery where we picked numbers, each participant picked a gift at random and opened it then and there.  However, people could “steal” another person’s gift if they wished.  At previous Ratfests, raucously loud gift thefts took place, but the 2015 group was quite conservative in that respect and respected others’ new property.

More eating followed in preparation for a raffle that was to benefit a northeast rat rescue.  There was an endless array of all types of items…the vast majority of which were rodent related.  It was fun to see the excited winners and several winners were clearly going to have a difficult time getting their rat swag home.

Last but definitely not least, it was story time – provided courtesy of Book Bogglers.  We had the opportunity to introduce ourselves, describe how our literary mischief was born, and to do a reading from Book 1 of the Archer and Fletch volumes.  It was extremely gratifying to have such an appreciative and rapt audience!  We’re so happy to have had a crowd to laugh along with the protagonists’ antics, express outrage at one of the villains, and ask for an additional reading after the planned selection concluded.  We certainly obliged! It was also wonderful that many in the audience recognized characteristics of their own rats in the depiction of Archer and Fletch’s personalities.  Especially as our heroes are based on a pair of real rat siblings, it was important to the Book Bogglers crew to capture the essence of beloved pet ratties in a way that is recognizable to their human parents.  We appreciated the involvement of the guests during the presentation, and were very happy to answer questions about purchase of this volume and our plans for upcoming books!

Finally, no Ratfest is complete without the traditional Sunday morning brunch, which was held at the official Ratfest hotel, the Hyatt House.  It gave one and all one more opportunity to exchange information and celebrate all things rat until we headed home to await next year’s event.


If you would like to check out the celebrations, you can go to the Ratfest website at  The Book Bogglers team looks forward to attending future events celebrating our favorite rodentmy mischief

Squeekfully yours, Dr. Cindy, Archer & Fletch

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