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Campus Project: Haunted Manhattan

As crazy, congested and overpriced this island becomes, we New Yorkers still love it–and for me the name New Yorker also applies to all my international students who have the audacity to come here and make this city their own.And as certifiably crazy New Yorkers, they need to know their lineage and the history of this island dating back to the end of the last ice age when nomadic people first arrived from the north. This term my Saturday class is beginning our research focusing on the Lenape people who farmed, fished and cultivated these islands for thousands of years before the arrival of the Dutch. Beginning with lower Manhattan, we’ll create a tour guide and map of Manhattan so other Campus students can embark on their own walking tours.In addition to trying our hand at cartography, we’ll add to hour historical research ghost stories of other New Yorkers who came and stayed….and stayed, adding ghost sightings at each of the historical sites that we’ll be visiting in coming weeks. Have any young readers hooked on history and “verifiable” ghost stories– check out the Bearport series, including Nightmarish New York!