Monthly Archives: September 2017

From Aesop On…

Thanks to all for your time, talent and insights as we read and discussed great works of literature–ranging from the legendary Aesop to August Wilson. Special thanks to Aminata, who confirmed that indeed the tales of Aesop, whose name translated in ancient Greek as the Ethiopian, are alive and well in Senegal where her own grandmother told her the tale of the lion and lamb–as the hyena and the gazelle. As we discovered, Aesop’s fables placed the African oral tradition as the cornerstone of western fiction. (And of course, to those of you who read Piccolo: an Artist’s Tale thanks on behalf of my pup, Piccolo.)

If you ordered review copies of any of our Book Bogglers’ titles, they’re on the way. And for those of you who visited the Poe cottage in the Bronx, attended a reading or participated in any other literary events around the city or online, please be sure to share your comments!