Piccolo Podcast & Indie Book Award!

Thanks to Jon Menaster of Read Live Learn for hosting his site to create a forum for writers and their readers. In episode 12 we spoke about Piccolo: an Artist’s Tale–as well as modern day slavery and the line between devotion and servitude.


Also, happy to announce that The Northman’s Daughter has won 1st Place in the 2017 Indie Book Award for Regional Fiction!

ASA College, English Comp 1 students: as we approach Final Exams keep our “Bring Literature to Life” series and be sure to report your literary activities: poetry slams, book signings, library lectures, or even a visit to the Poe Cottage in the Bronx have qualified in the past. But feel free to propose your own activity– including book reviews or on-line critiques of one of Jon’s author interviews–it’s up to you!







  • Sevtap Batir

    Piccolo, The Artist’s Tale of little naive dog from Italy who is proud of his artist family and his his talent. Story gives us a taste of artist’s enthusiasm and passion. Characters in this story comes from the author’s pen with musical harmony and takes you to little Piccolo’s adventure and lets you face with sinner soul antagonist of the story. Especially this days it is very hard to find Fable that also interests adults. I loved it.I can’t wait to read volume 2.

    • emerwin77

      Piccolo thanks you sincerely–and you know how sincere he can be– for your time and attention in reading his tale. With only the ardor he can express to a female admirer– gladly he will supply you with Book 2 of his tale. (Outside of my family, you will be the first to read it.)

      All the best in your artistic/mystical/entrepreneurial journey, Sevtap!

  • Rodchiline Minault

    It was very fascinating to read one of her book in class piccolo an artist tale and to know the story behind it and the struggle, it was very amazing. It was the first time I ever read a book about an animal talking. Although she didn’t think the book was going to be successful she took a stand because not every one would publish a book about talking animals. No matter what she published it. I was amazed when she was telling us the story of her son and how her son encouraged her and also to know who did the illustrations in the book.

    • emerwin77

      Thank you, Rodchiline– I very much enjoyed sharing the story with you. I particularly was moved by the narrative essay you composed– and much admire your honesty as a writer and courage in life. I wish you ongoing success in your studies and career!

  • Tyrone McKenzie

    I found the reading of Piccolo Fortunato interesting and would like to read the series.

    • emerwin77

      Tyrone– thanks for taking the time to read about Piccolo’s journey in New York City. It’s been a pleasure working with you and the Saturday group, and I will be sure to keep you updated regarding Book 2!

  • Mingjiang Zheng

    It was very funny book! so cool!

  • Jingjing Li

    This is the first time i finished reading an English story book. Because English is not my first language, it’s hard to finish reading a book with many words I didn’t know. So many times i started reading an English story book, but after 2, 3 chapters, then i stopped because i can not understand everything. But this book Piccolo, it’s not too difficult. It’s about a young dog talking his story. Interesting and easy to understand. and you also can see true social problems through the story, I like this story!

    • emerwin77

      Jing Jing,

      Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my pup, Piccolo’s memoir. I’m sure he too will be delighted when I tell him– you know how much he craves the attention of females!

  • Mohammad Rakibul Karim

    It was an immense pleasure to get an opportunity to read such a of book like Piccolo! No doubt, this book has tremendously touched all sorts of readers mind because it has fascinating elements to catch the mind. A very innocent boy who came to a city called NY was a starting point of the theory, and later on he experiences lots of sequences that we all observed. The book was not only fruitful but also the reflection of that period too. Simply excellent !!!

    Last but not the least, last time I’ve attended a poetry session in ASA campus which is organized by Professor Ressler. Simply, grateful to her!

    It was great experience in my life ! I got the poetry in my heart. And next 27th May ,Session I very much would like to attend with the core of my heart.

  • Md. Rakibul Karim

    Piccolo Fortunato is a story of an Italian greyhound who comes from Venice to New York and starts his new voyage. It’s very well structured. Adventure is one of the main parts of this story which has a great depth. I would say, it’s a very classical book to read. Everybody should try.

    • Md. Shohaibur Rahman

      I’ve read a lot of books and Piccolo is one of the most rare books I’ve ever read. Initially, there was a bit of confusion but gradually I got into it and finished it up.

      The story is very well written with just the right amount of fantasy, joy, and uncertainty that kept me captivated with every single page.

      It was an impressive and very well written story!

      • emerwin77

        Hello Shohaibur,

        Thanks for taking the time to read Piccolo. I genuinely appreciate your recognition that there is a balance throughout the book between “joy” and
        “uncertainty.” I think this is generally true of life– but more so for a newcomer (like you and your family!) to this crazy city.

        I wish you and your wife and new baby much continued happiness!


  • Raf Tan

    Piccolo has such an endearing character. For me, this fable is a “modern classic”.
    Disney should take notice!

    • emerwin77

      From your mouth to Disney ears- although I might have to think twice before letting my pup go to Hollywood– or write Book 4!

      Thank you for your ongoing creative contributions to our class–you and Savtap held a key position holding up the back wall and (more importantly) sharing your creative insights! I much enjoyed your song/poem “Illluminations” at our last event, and do hope you can perform it again on 6/24 at Symposia.

      Really– my heartfelt thanks, and all the best in your ongoing success story!
      All the best,

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  • Huiling Gao

    Piccolo is one of the interesting books that took me to the fable world .

    • emerwin77

      And like you Piccolo had the courage to follow his dream to NYC– then the strength of character to persevere even after discovering the darker side of the American dream. I much admire your strength and wish you ongoing success when you transfer!

  • Luz M Ramos

    Unfortunately we started reading Piccolo late in the term. From what we read it was a very interesting story and at the same time it left me intrigued. How being so naive and having the desire of wanting something, can sometimes lure you into something else. What was going to happen to Piccolo in Bklyn? Was he able to become that famous painter he was looking for? Did he ever find his dad? I guess this will be a book, I will finish reading to find out.

    • emerwin77

      Hi Luz,

      You really captivated us with your incisive work of flash fiction and your very sharp perception of the moment when your female protagonist makes her bold move, leaving the guests to serve themselves.

      As for Piccolo– only one way to find out. Email me your address and I will gladly send you an ARC (advance review copy): emerwin77@gmail.com

  • Edgar Villagran.

    Time runs fast and the semester is gone. I would like to know what happened in that day that made you start writing about piccolo greatest journal?

  • London

    I actually got a copy of the book and had the pleasure of reading it in full. Piccolo: An Artist Tale is a story I could relate to so well; couldn’t put it down for a few days it was a quick read! From Venice to the ship to a cavernous warehouse in Brooklyn the scenery and the interesting characters capture the imagination as the story unfolds! I’m not used to reading fables, but I truly enjoyed the journey of Piccolo! Another book needs to follow this story ended too soon!

  • Loyda


    Thanks so much for the wonderful story and amazing journey professor you are one of a kind, sweet, special full of information of literature and regular life and for that I’m truly appreciated. : )


  • yumeng hu

    Piccolo is like young people who just graduated from University. They are ignorant about society. They just heard from their parents about the complexity of society but didn’t experienced it personally. They are curious and a little bit afraid of it. They also have the passion to challenge it. Innocent young people are of course less experienced than those sophisticated person in society. So the young people lose in the competition. They fall and stand up. Every time they stand up they become more capable person. What does not kill them make them stronger. Some of them become the people they have hated. Those who have oppressed young people. Some of them do not forget their original intention. They know the cruelty of society but their hearts still are pure.

    • emerwin77

      Piccolo is very close to my heart. I feel the same admiration for him that I do for all my international students– these are sinister times, and you all must be very savvy to survive here. But like Piccolo you must always protect your young and wide-eyed appreciation of this world. It’s been a pleasure working with you this semester, and I admire your insightful nature!

  • Fujing Xiong

    On January 09, 2018, it was my birthday at the age of twenty. That night, my mother sent me a picture with a happy birthday cake. I was still thinking about who had the birthday today because I forgot my birthday at that day. My mother, my sister and I
    chat happily by video, I felt very happy, but also a little sad, because I can not spend my twenty’s birthday with my family. And also, my father didn’t talk to me.
    A month ago, my father and I had arguments, and I had not communicated with him for a month. However, on my birthday, my father gave me a red package by wechat and wished me happy birthday. It’s also written that “the first sun”. Even ifhedidn’t talk to me, I was very happy. I had a quarrel with my father before, and I didn’t know how to speak to him. But on my birthday, there was no contradiction in my heart, because I miss them and they miss me, too.

    • emerwin77

      Dear Fujing–

      How fortunate your parents are to have such a smart, funny, courageous daughter. Every family has its conflicts– but when we forgive and come to understand and appreciate each other more deeply, our lives become brighter! I am also fortunate to have had you as a student this semester– I particularly enjoyed your last very original production!

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