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Special thanks to my English Comp students and their deep and insightful discussions based on our reading of the drama, Donovan’s Charge.

For those of you who signed the request sheet, we will gladly gift you a copy. (If you missed the opportunity, feel free to add your request as a comment to this post.) Thanks again, from both Glenn and myself, and continue to be courageous in these outrageous times. As in the play, let your spirit sound the charge! Also, be sure to sign up for our next Book Bogglers poetry reading at ASA College on April 7. Our theme–Illumination 2. (Let me know your availability so we can set up a date and time that works for all.)

Also– a bit last minute, but we are seeking students to read poems of your choice to honor Black History Month here at ASA College on 2/23, 3-5 pm. Please let me know if you plan to join us!


  • Rodchiline Minault

    My name is Rodchiline Minault I would love to participate and share my literature.

    • emerwin77

      We will be honored to have you read your work. The event is Friday 4/7 from 3 to 5– what time will you arrive, so we can schedule your reading.

      Thanks again, Book Bogglers

  • Nachelle Pena

    My name is Nachelle, I will be attenting the next event at ASA on April 7, 2017

    • emerwin77


      I want to encourage you to continue writing Letters to My Young Heart– and I look forward to your reading at our next event!

  • Tyrone McKenzie

    Plan to attend the poetry reading April 7, 2017

  • emerwin77

    Hi Michelle Brown will attend for the last 30 minutes

  • Sheila

    I would like to attend the April 7th event ILLUMINATIONS. I rather not speak at this time i will just be siting and enjoying the event.

    Thank you.

    • emerwin77

      And I am so glad that you did– and that you brought that honest and loving narrative recounting your mom’s disappearance, and much welcomed reappearance in your life.

      I will always recall the moment when you were quietly studying in your room– and there she appeared in the doorway. Really quite beautiful.


  • Raf Tan

    Hello. Raf here. I have something to share on Illuminations, April 7. It could take approximately 5 minutes. I will try to arrive before 4pm. Just an idea: Having a projector might be useful/effective, so the audience can read the poems as they’re being delivered.

  • Youjin

    My name is Youjin. I would love to participate and share my poems. I can arrive at 3pm.

  • youjin

    My name is youjin. I would love to participate and share my poems. I can arrive at 3pm

  • Mingjiang Zheng

    My name is Mingjiang Zheng. I enjoy this activity. Although I did not come to the stage to speak, but sitting here listening to me, feel the poems they read and their lives are very moved, and full of power. Although we all come from different countries, but after listening to their reading read, let me feel, we are for their own dreams and struggle, we all have a struggle in the process of shed tears and efforts of the achievements The It is good to be able to participate in this event.

    • emerwin77

      Ming– Thanks so much for your presence and your comment. It was a remarkable event– both for what was read and also for the attentive, supportive audience.

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