Blessed are the speechmakers…

12… and the writers who share their truth. And at ASA College in both my Communications and Comp 1 classes, these fine New Yorkers from around the world, shared their perspectives on love, life, literature, social issues and the fine artworks they discovered at the MET.

I am so proud to have met and worked with you all, and encourage you to keep writing and keep speaking out on behalf of Life, Community and Boundless Goodwill.


  • Brigitte Martinez

    It is the first time I go to the Metropolitan museum and art museum left me totally amazed chose the Egyptian art and is extremely wonderful all you can see there the sculptures, paintings, jewelry. It is extremely Incredible as pieces of art were so old they are so well preserved and in such good condition for public education is beautiful everyone should go

    • emerwin77

      Thank you, Brigitte, for the lively power point presentation that conveyed the excitement of the exhibit.
      I’m so glad that you, your mom and daughter all visited the MET together and am sure you will be back! As New Yorkers its ours to share with the world– and to enjoy ourselves!

    • Sinnamon Flowers

      Hello Brigitte, I also toured the Egyptian Art Gallery at the MET museum. I must agree with you, it was a wonderful site to view with many beautiful historical Egyptian sculptures that I have never seen before. I learned a lot about Egypt and Egyptians years ago. The beautiful graffiti, the headless statues , the mummies, the rebuilt tombs were amazing to view. I will plan to take my daughter on my next visit. It was very educating and interesting to view.

      • emerwin77

        Ah, Sinnamon, always so supportive of your colleagues! I’ll always remember the day you forged ahead and gave everyone an A– even before the presentations were through!

        It’s been a pleasure to work with you this semester, and I wish you continued success in your career!

    • HyunSuk Lee

      Hi, Brigitte Martinez.
      I also visited the ancient Egyptian Art exhibition area. There is a full of wonderful historical legacies. The meaningful arts reflect their thought and belief in the Egyptians’ life. when we see the monumental items and objects from there, we let out a cry of wonder in spite of ourselves. There is really amazing place to meet very various culture and history in the MET museum. I also suggest to visit the great section of Asian Art Collections. They definitely reflected their life through the collections those are pretty different than Western Arts and Egyptian Arts.

      • emerwin77

        Yes, “we let out a cry of wonder in spite of ourselves.” I agree Hyun Suk, in the 21st century we act so cool and think ourselves so ahead of all the ages. But when we see these monumental works, if we look with open eyes–unclouded by our own ego and pretensions, we stand stunned, amazed, and I hope a little humbled.

        So much enjoyed our class this semester– and all your thoughtful contributions. Let’s stay in touch via this site and facebook (I’m Eileen Merwin, choose the picture of the book on the table!)

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