Poets’ Night Out!

Be sure to join us at Symposia Community Bookshop* on Sunday 12/13 from 6-8 Poets’ Night Out for an evening of literary readings.

headstLouis Augustine Herrera, our Book Bogglers Host has invited fellow writers from the MFA program at the New School to read from their recent works. There are still 2 slots open, so if you’d like to share a poem, a poetic passage from you prose or the work of an admired writer, contact us to reserve your place.

*SYMPOSIA COMMUNITY BOOKSHOP: a goodnatured non-profit bookstore offering a vast selection of experienced books that need a new shelf to call home and community-minded workshops and events!
Address: 510 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
As always donations welcome!


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  • emerwin77

    Thanks to all our guests, what a wonderful evening of poetry read and lovers and other strangers recalled.

    In June we will reconvene at Herald Square at ASA College, and hope you will all be there.

    Eileen and Glenn

  • I have a dream , to be an author, i wrote a Chinese novel when i was in high school, but my friend always laugh to me. now I am in USA, I can not write it in English, because my English is very poor, i am learning English, so I hope I could write prefect it in soon.

    • emerwin77

      Pei Yuan, I greatly admire your ambition and will be more than happy to help you with your English if you visit me next semester in the Learning Center. You can also tell me more about your novel, and try your hand at a story in English (and maybe work your way up to a novel!).

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